Social Media 101

This is a mashup of several presentations I attended at Philly BarCamp. Credit to @greenphillyblog @DanielBDonovan @gloriabell for the spark

Social media is an important tool in any organization, company, or professional person’s back pocket. But there are so many services out there, that it can be hard to figure out what each of them want, what their individual culture is, and how to make your own mark on the platforms available.

Social Media DOs
– Share blog posts
– like/comment on other blog posts
– engage in conversations
– take the credit via google authorship
– have a strategy for cultivating the image you/your company wants the WORLD to see
– be aware that retweets & shares are assumed as endorsements

Social Media DON’Ts
– spam
– post infrequently
– have a flat personality
– just have them because they’re popular – have a strategy!
– forget that we have a global audience

– share blog posts
– reply/converse with others
– use hashtags

– interaction helps SEO
– only link to recently published posts
– add photos
– respond to comments and shares
– poll/ask questions of your followers

– copy & paste bio/about from FB for authorship credit
– value add to the community of bloggers, comment and share

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