Handful of Writing Prompts

Word quotas and other productivity goals are an important part of every writer’s regiment, but sometimes inspiration can be like pulling teeth.

Here’s a small collection of go-to writing prompts when the Muse is being a flighty mistress.

  • write about room character is in
  • write about grounds / area of room’s building
  • write about what’s in your character’s pockets
  • write about your character at an event
  • make a list of what wouldn’t happen next (Emma Coats Pixar)
  • describe room character happy, angry, afraid (no emotion words) (Writing Excuses)
  • color of ambition
  • start at end (Momento style)
  • take building blocks of a story you dislike, what would you change? (Pixar)

Have any fresh and fun prompt suggestions? Leave them in a comment for your fellow writers.

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