Digital Freedom: Modifying Your Everything

Digital publishing offers a wide range of adaptability that is just barely being explored. I’ve seen this topic come up largely during discussions of author branding and marketing campaigns, but it’s available to anyone who is offering their stories for digital consumption.

When you release a book, it needs four things: content, a cover, a title, and a price. (It also needs a blurb or some kind of sales copy, but consider that lumped under ‘content’ for the purposes of this post.) These things can be changed later with just the click of a button, and sometimes you’ll want to take advantage of it.


The meat of your book, the actual story. Typos, tiny grammar mistakes, and even whole chapters or scenes can all be updated just by uploading a newer file.


Covers help readers know what genre a book is in before they even read the description. You can modify a cover the same way as modifying content.


Don’t stuff in keywords. Titles, like covers, help readers identify what kind of book they’re looking at. If you change the title you’ll also have to change the cover, but that just makes it a two-step process instead of one.


Adjusting up or down is at your fingertips in your author dashboard. Having a sale? Curious if you can keep the same number of downloads if you charge $0.50 more? Just keep in mind that most retailers price match their competitors, so you’ll need to keep the price consistent across platforms.

Future posts will discuss more on the why’s and when to take advantage of these types of changes, so please stop back, or sign up for our email list to stay in the loop.

Have you ever changed a title or a book cover? Were there any surprises? The comments are always open.

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