EbookIconsDigital publishing encompasses two schools of thought: one being that authors now have options to directly reach their readers, and two being something legacy publishers do to create ebooks out of their print books.

Digital Publishing is not just self-publishing, and it is more that just the marketplace of digital books.

Here you’ll find equal measures of what it means to be an independent publisher who uses digital publishing, as well as the state of affairs in the digital book economy.

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The Charge that Amazon is Promoting Piracy and Devaluing Books

There has been a huge kerfuffle about a recent (March 1st) change in Amazon’s seller policies regarding third-party sellers and “new” books. You can read more the-sky-is-falling articles on Huffington Post, at the IBPA, and at Publishing Perspectives. After you do that, join with me in saying this: Amazon is not promoting piracy. And we […]

3 Paths to Publish Writing on Point

3 Paths to Publish

Even before you type “the end” writers tend to think – or at least daydream – about what they want to do next. The “now what?” answer has changed a lot the last decade. There is no longer any best, singular path to publish and get your books into readers’ hands. Here are the top […]


Approaching Copyright as a Writer

Copyright governs written works, and copyright law is the backbone of how writers can be paid for their writing. Before reading this post, bear in mind that the author (me) is not a lawyer, and this should absolutely not be considered legal advice. One of the ways writers can earn money for their artistic expression, […]

Three Reasons to Use a Pen Name - Writing on Point

3 Reasons to Use a Pen Name

Authors both big and small, popular and obscure, use pen names. In today’s digital world creating one is as easy as typing a few keystrokes, and maintaining a digital footprint on social media for the pseudonym is relatively simple, albeit time consuming. Even making it a legal entity – so you can spend or receive money, get physical mail, […]


Digital Freedom: The Story You Want to Tell

One of the largest changes to publishing today is the fact that independent authors can digitally publish their books right alongside those released from the Big 5 and their imprints. Indies are increasingly putting out content that looks and reads no differently than traditionally published books. There are several points of divergence between trad pub and […]


Digital Freedom: Modifying Your Everything

Digital publishing offers a wide range of adaptability that is just barely being explored. I’ve seen this topic come up largely during discussions of author branding and marketing campaigns, but it’s available to anyone who is offering their stories for digital consumption. When you release a book, it needs four things: content, a cover, a […]


Outside the Box: Discover Wattpad

Founded in 2006, Wattpad is a free app that lets people discover and share stories about the things they love. More than 40 million people around the world turn to Wattpad to find entertainment that matches their interests and fits their schedules. Wattpad stories are serialized and the entire community participates in the storytelling process […]


Digital Freedom: Story Length

In the 70s and 80s, short stories were a viable path to publication, especially for genre fiction. Magazines were in vogue and offered many avenues for writers to earn notice early in their careers, sometimes before their first novel was even finished. When magazines lost popularity, short stories also became less common. Authors could collect their […]


Amazon Exclusivity: What is it, really?

Digital publishing is the new – in the sense that we’re less than ten years in – big thing, and one of the largest discussion points is Amazon. Amazon has a platform called Kindle Direct Publishing which handles distribution through their Kindle store and puts digital copies of books in the hands of their customers. […]


Social Media 101

This is a mashup of several presentations I attended at Philly BarCamp. Credit to @greenphillyblog @DanielBDonovan @gloriabell for the spark Social media is an important tool in any organization, company, or professional person’s back pocket. But there are so many services out there, that it can be hard to figure out what each of them want, what […]