If you're a writer, you know that some stories fly off your fingertips. Then there are ones that feel like you're wrestling an alligator...

  • Do your stories ever feel like they've gone off track?
  • Can you name all the key moments in a plot that will keep readers turning pages?
  • Is there enough tension in your story conflict?
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All the content of a writing seminar, without needing to leave your house

This 5-week course is convenient, free, and delivered straight to your inbox. It covers four different kinds of outlining, how to hone in on conflict, and what key moments will make your plot shine.

Here’s what each week will be all be about:

Week 1 : Emotional Arc vs. Narrative Arc

Week 2 : Turning Points and Pinch Points

Week 3 : Plot, Conflict, and Endings

Week 4 : Tension, Fear, and Consequences

Week 5 : Inciting Incident, Key Event, and Dark Moment